Monday, March 23, 2009

International Millinery Forum 2009

The Boys!

I'm adding some pictures from the International Millinery Forum, in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia, held in January 2009. I was honored to be one of 4 international milliners teaching there, as well as about a dozen Australian milliners. The next Forum will be held in 2011 so start saving your pennies!

Above you see 'The Boys,' 3 of the instructors at IMF. They are: Philip Rhodes (Melbourne), Neil Grigg (Sydney), Ian Bennet (London), who was Hat Designer of the Year several years ago.

Kerry Ann, a milliner from Sydney. A Runner-Up to Hat Designer of the Year couple of years ago. She makes some great hats! Love the peacocks, Kerry Ann!!

Above is Jean Carroll, OAM, another of the instructors, with her assistant. Jean is a theatrical milliner and is 80+ years young. She has been a milliner since the age of 14. Amazing lady.

Beautifully dressed ladies at the Finale Gala. At left is Jaycow, another of the international instructors. Jaycow is from Hong Kong.

1920's flappers! Everyone was dressed in '20's attire for the final night dinner.

How about these two great hats made in my classes at IMF. At left is a hat made in the Fabric Frolic on a Buckram Base class, and on the right one made in the Retro Hats From Flat Felt Skirting class. They did a great job!

All the instructors were chauffered to the 1920's Finale Gala in vintage cars. That's me on the left, Ian Bennett (London), and Bette Fogarty (Melbourne) on the right.
I'll be posting some pictures of more hats made in the classes soon!

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  1. I was lucky enough to attend your flat felt class at the forum. Thanks for making the effort to come all that way to teach us. Much appreciated. I am putting up photos from the forum on my blog All about Hat Making