Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Millinery Classes 2011


I'll be posting more about the upcoming millinery courses schedule later, but wanted to let you know right away where I'll be teaching courses next year. Again, more information later but here are the cities/schools where you can register for millinery instruction.

Washington, DC (Alexandria, Virginia)
Chicago, IL (Westmont, Illinois)
Atlanta, Georgia
Berkeley, California
John C. Campbell Folk School (Brasstown, North Carolina)
St. Quentin La Poterie, France

I also teach private lessons at my atelier in Wilmington, North Carolina. You choose the amount of time and the class curriculum when studying with me in the atelier. All skill levels welcomed in ALL my classes--private or public.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hat Made vs. Hat Televised

Remember the series of photos I posted recently about the hats I was asked to make for locally filmed television show One Tree Hill? If not, please scroll down the blog posts to see them. I want you to see this.

Below is the hat I made, per specifications from the costume shop at OTH, for the Halloween episode. OK, not bad. I might have made it differently if I'd had complete control over the design, but this is what the specs asked for.

At the time of the post I said I'd be pleased that the hat(s) even made it on camera. And I still am very pleased to have been asked and that the hat made it on screen. Scroll down please.

Below is a screen shot of the actress in my hat. Notice anything different? Why, yes, I think I do! Hmm, the brim is turned down, the vine has been removed, as has the veiling, and 'something' has been added as an embellishment. It IS still orange....

I worked so hard on getting this hat to the costumer. And in record time. Am I disappointed that the hat didn't get on camera as I executed it? Yes! Am I disappointed that it made in on the screen at all? No! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I call this a draw.
Happy hatmaking!