Tuesday, April 14, 2009

International Millinery Forum Attendees' Hats

Geez, I can be slow about getting some things on this blog. I promised a few weeks ago that I'd post some pictures of some of the hats made in my classes at the International Millinery Forum this past January, in Australia. So, voila! Enjoy!

I taught two sessions of two different classes while there. They were--Retro Hats From Flat Felt Skirting and Fabric Frolic on a Buckram Base. The hat you see above, and the next 10 hats were made in those two sessions.

I learned the flat felt hatmaking technique from my mentor, Miss Styer Collenberger, many years ago. She was an amazing milliner from the hey-days of hat wearing. Anyway, I'll have to tell you more about her later. Great story....

Take note of the structure of these flat felt hats and the great designs these ladies came up with. I was soooo proud of them!
Howz about this camel colored felt with some great feathers as embellisment? Most of the hats you will see here were not embellished as we had a very full day of just getting the hats made, what with the instructions, the design, the execution, and the many, many choices to be made in each step. But I was very impressed with their final designs!

Wow! Can't you just see this with a fabulous 1940's suit? I don't think this one needed any embellishment. Very retro, very cool.

Love the beautiful simplicity of this design. With flat felt you can fashion hats unlike any you make with a traditional capeline or hood.

Beautiful lady, beautiful hat!

Sooooo retro! Love it!

This one makes me smile. Cool custom grey felt head hugger.

These hats were the bomb! The one on the left is very military inspired, especially since it was made in Army green, and the one on the right has self curlyques for that added umpf. I envision stacked heels, smart suits, neat gloves...all set off with 'the hat.' Yeahhhh.

Now this hat, and the one following, were made in the Fabric Frolic on a Buckram Base class. We used many different surface design techniques to cover one-of-a-kind buckram shapes the attendees designed themselves. Snazzy colors, sassy shapes, serious style.

Cocktails, anyone? Wear this little red beauty out on the town and everyone will be buying you a drink. I'm sure of it.
Congratulations to all the attendees of the International Millinery Forum.

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