Friday, June 26, 2009

Ziabird Grand Opening/Artist's Reception--Jewelry and Hats

Last Friday night I attended the Grand Opening of a new boutique in Wilmington--Ziabird. Owner Lynn Mannock, wearing one of my free-form sinamay headpieces, not only is a jewelry maker herself, but has accumulated a wealth of local, regional, and national artists who create one-of-a-kind wearable art, most of it jewelry...amazing jewelry!

Lynn is multi-talented. She also is a film/theatrical costumer, a personal stylist, lampwork bead maker, and so on!

She also carries some of my hats, which I'm very pleased about. Normally I don't sell my hats and headpieces outside aMuse, but I was impressed by Lynn and her vision for having a venue for handcrafted pieces here in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Here I am with my friend Debra Pyeatt, a beading artist, who is represented by Ziabird and aMuse. She does very intricate work and many times incorporates some of our local seashells.
You can see some of Debra's work by clicking here.

I was asked by Lumina Station, the shopping center, to give a short interview about my work and how it is fits into Ziabird's collection. This is a shot of me yammering on--champagne glass in hand, of course. You can see one of my flat packing hats in the background.

The hat I wore for this event was one I made to wear to the opening cocktail party at the International Millinery Forum this past January, in Australia. It is a buckram piece, covered in ultraseude, with heavily veined veiling (vintage, don't ya know), and a silk, jewel encrusted trumpet flower. All this is perched on my head, and secured with a strip of the ultraseude used as a bandeau. The men loved it!

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