Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bridal Millinery

I make alot of hats during the year. Straw. Felt. Sinamay. Abailk. Buckram. Wire. Straw Braid. And the vast majority of those are custom-made for clients. Sometimes I sell the ones in the shop but that is a rarity. Usually those are sold to someone who has waited until the very last minute for a special occasion and comes running in to get something for the event. That's fine. Always some hats on the mannequins for folks to try on and get ideas for the custom-made hats. Ah.

And then there are my lovely brides. Gotta love them. My bridal clients tend to be young ladies (and mature ladies as well) who have a strong sense of their individuality. They are not, as I say, 'cookie cutter brides.' They are not usually the brides you see in the Sunday paper. Yes, they may have a traditional dress, but the shoes may be red, or flip flops, or none! The jewelry is usually from our vintage collection. All put together for a uniquely beautiful bride.

I have NEVER sold a single bridal piece that is in the shop. You: "Never? Doesn't that worry you?" Me: "Not a bit. I want the bride to come up with her own ideas, guided by what I can offer her to get that idea to gel. That includes looking at new and vintage materials, pictures, sketches, and talking it all through. The pieces in the shop are starting points. We design a one-of-a-kind piece from all the elements available."

So. Below you will see just a few of the pieces I've made for my brides during the last year. Enjoy!

Beauty-marked ivory veiling with emu feathers.

Very wide vintage horsehair braid with biots, coqs, and sequins, pearls and beading.

1940's inspired bridal veil with handmade silk flowers with gilded embroidery stitching and vintage glass glitter stamins. Gold embroidery edging.

Headband of white veiling sprigs and a twisted flower made from remnants from the bridal gown.

Ivory pleated silk Juliet buckram form with handmade silk lillies. Delicate vintage face veiling.
I love my brides!


  1. They're all beautiful. My favorite is the Lillies. Lovely...


  2. Thanks, Montez! When a bride asks for a specific flower--lily, orchid, camilla--I'm even more inspired. I make way too many pretty but non-descript flowers. Not complaining though!