Sunday, December 13, 2009

Evolution of a Hot Pink Hood

Follow the pictures as I take you on the evolution of this hot pink wool hood into a hat made for a recent trunk show. It will be initially blocked over a simple crown block and then free-formed from there. And finally embellished.

Here you see the hood in the very first blocking over the hatblock. It will have to be steamed and blocked several times to get it smoothly over the hatblock. In fact, because the tip of this block is rather flat, it was difficult to get the tip of the hood flat. I had to finish it off by using an iron and damp pressing cloth to get it like I wanted.

I use a length of 3/4" wide elastic to help hold the hood against the block and to give me stability in starting the free-forming.

Another view with further free-forming. Remember that I'm steaming as I shape. And using bead-head pins to hold shapes.

After I get the shape as close as I can get to what I've envisioned, I start trimming away bits I don't want or need in my final design. Be careful in this step!

Close-up of one of the twists that adds interest to the design. I've also added a bias cut silk band, a wide one, with fraying on the edges. The silk is a very cool grey to contrast with the hot pink.

After I secured the band I began adding some fringe, made from the roundings, and then 3 felt balls in different colors.

Final product on a mannequin head at yesterday's trunk show.


  1. Great tutorial Jan! Love the blocking technique I can't wait to try it. Pink hood + your nimble fingers + your trim = Excellent. Love it!!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I love free-forming, especially with felt. And I was so ready for some color in the shop. Too many grey, brown, black, navy.