Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hat Made vs. Hat Televised

Remember the series of photos I posted recently about the hats I was asked to make for locally filmed television show One Tree Hill? If not, please scroll down the blog posts to see them. I want you to see this.

Below is the hat I made, per specifications from the costume shop at OTH, for the Halloween episode. OK, not bad. I might have made it differently if I'd had complete control over the design, but this is what the specs asked for.

At the time of the post I said I'd be pleased that the hat(s) even made it on camera. And I still am very pleased to have been asked and that the hat made it on screen. Scroll down please.

Below is a screen shot of the actress in my hat. Notice anything different? Why, yes, I think I do! Hmm, the brim is turned down, the vine has been removed, as has the veiling, and 'something' has been added as an embellishment. It IS still orange....

I worked so hard on getting this hat to the costumer. And in record time. Am I disappointed that the hat didn't get on camera as I executed it? Yes! Am I disappointed that it made in on the screen at all? No! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I call this a draw.
Happy hatmaking!

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