Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hat Show Video

The last post on this blog was all about the recent hat show I produced, entitled aMuse's 2nd Annual Haute Hats--Spring in Paris. Three milliners besides myself showed our hats on a beautiful spring day here in Wilmington--Diane Shagott, Jenny Pfanenstiel and Andre Baxter. This is a quick add-on to the last blog entry.

Click http://vimeo.com/21185495 for a short video of our recent hat show! I think you'll like!

Milliner--Jan Wutkowski (L), milliner--Diane Shagott (R)

Love this hat by Diane! It was inadvertently deleted from the last post; I really like this hat and decided it MUST be on the blog.

Please scroll down to see the last post...the one with all the pictures from the show. Enjoy!


  1. Ah really lovely blog!

    x, Jesa

  2. Thanks for writing, Jesa! Stay tuned for more posts. It has been a VERY busy Spring and I am behind on posts. Hope to catch up soon so stay-tuned!