Monday, May 4, 2009

Style Swap--Raleigh--Feather Headpieces

Last week I drove up to Raleigh, NC, to participate in the first Style Swap in that area. Jess James, Style Girl, puts these on and they are incredibly fun. Here in Wilmington they have become so popular it is hard to get in!

What is a 'style swap' you ask? Well, simply put, it is a fun night of swapping clothes and accessories with other fashionistas. You bring 3 items that are still stylish and wearable, and trade them for 3 items someone else dragged out of their closet. Held in upscale bars or lounges, with great music, photographers, and make-up artists mixing it all up with some great munchies and cheap drinks at the bar, all while you find great deals on the racks--anything from coveted designer labels to classy vintage pieces.

Check out Jess' Style Swap website to find out more. We will be in Charleston, SC, on May 14, so if you live in that area, please come by for some recessionista finds. I'm one of the sponsors of the Style Swaps and will be in Charleston to promote aMuse and the hats and headpieces I make.

This is a picture of Rachel McPherson, the Developmental guru behind the Style Swaps. Rachel is wearing one of my hats--a black satin cocktail hat with vintage rhinestone buttons and super vintage Russian veiling. You look beautiful, Rachel!

A pretty trio of Style Ambassadors wearing feather headpieces I've made for them to wear during the Swap. Kinda identifies them as being helpers at the Swap...there to help you find the perfect swap items to take home.

Three more beauties! From left to right they are wearing: a headband of peacock feathers, a free-form sinamay headband wrap embellished with coquilles and beading, and a fascinator of black sewn braid, purple feathers and lavendar Russian veiling.
Thanks for showing off my headpieces to their best advantage ladies!

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