Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There's Fashion and Then There's Fashion

What a whirlwind weekend of fashion! I spent Saturday morning at the shop--my usual--but the afternoon and evening were spent talking about hats at a local African American church's annual Mother/Daughter tea, and at a local fashion show featuring up and coming designers.

The following pictures are of the fashion show, sponsored by local groovy shop, Edge of Urge and the proprietress, Jessie Williams, a designer in her own right. All was to benefit Dreams, a local organization that provides access to the arts for 'at risk' kids.

Me and my little free-form styled black sinamay headband, embellished with yellow stripped coques and an itty-bitty sprig of vintage yellow veiling.

Ooooooo. Local designer Alexa Castillo did some great fashions for the runway, but I really liked her bikinis. Of course, having gorgeous models with legs up to HERE doesn't hurt either.

Nice touch with the opera gloves!

Alexa on her celebratory walk down the runway.

Above and below are styles created by Jessie Williams, the owner of Edge of Urge. If you are ever in Wilmington you must go there. Great shop! Anything from great clothes, to hip jewelry, shoes, and even some of the best candles, with some of the most unusual scents, that you'll find anywhere. One of my step-daughters swears by them!

I had the privilege of speaking to the ladies of Johnson Chapel in Leland on Saturday afternoon. In honor of Mother's Day they had their annual tea, with hats, gloves, crystal, finger sandwiches, sweet cakes, and some sharp dressed men serving tea.
My presentation was entitled, "Hats Matter, Not Mad Hatters." It focuses on how hats have been been a part of our culture, our social fabric, and how they have and do make a difference to those who wear them. It also includes a tribute to present day milliners and hat-wearing organizations who offer their skills, their time and their money to better the lives of others--all through hats!

I wish I knew the names of these hat-wearing ladies. The lady above is the Mother of the Church at Johnson Chapel. Isn't she elegant?

She didn't want me to take her picture, but I insisted. She made her mother look through her 50 or so hats to find this one she wanted to wear to the tea!

And this is her Mother, beautiful in her hat, pearls, and gloves. A lady at tea....

Reverend Mapson, the chaplain at Johnson Chapel. Thank you, ladies, for a delightful afternoon.

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