Monday, May 24, 2010

French Flowermaking and Straw Braid Hats in Atlanta

This past weekend I taught French Flowermaking and Sewn Straw Braid at the Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia. We had a full class of 10!

Below you see the fabrics hanging out to dry. Fabrics have to be processed with a stiffening agent in order for the flowermaking process to work properly. What a beautiful display of colors and textures!

After the fabrics are dry they are cut by pattern into petals and other flower parts. Flowermaking tools are used to shape the flower parts for assembly into a full beautiful flower. Note the stamens too.

Below you will see a creative use of petals. The pattern was for a rose, however, this student decided to use the petals to create a trillium. How nice! It was a class favorite!

The next 3 pictures show some happy students with their flowers. Depending on what fabric was used, how it was processed, cut and ironed, and then assembled, the flowers each have their own look. That's the beauty of creating these flowers.

Don't you just love this celery colored 'starbright' straw braid hat with the dual-colored silk flower?

Another example of the sewn straw braid, this time in azalea pink, with a lovely triple-colored silk flower. Nice use of the braid as an embellishment, as well.

We made two flowers in the class--one a rose and another was a cymbidiam orchid. Above you see a few of the orchid flower parts wired and ready to assemble.

The final assembly of individually beautiful orchids. Each one a work of art--just like nature!
Great job Atlanta students! Thanks for a delightful weekend!!!

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