Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Atlanta Flowermaking Pictures

My friend and fellow milliner, Diane Shaggott, sent the following pictures from the recent flowermaking class in Atlanta. Diane's orchid is the one on the bottom row, center. She used silk chiffon and silk velvet for her's. Nice, Diane!

I normally don't have pictures of me in the blog...'cause I'm making the pictures! But Diane sent these along for me to include. Below you see me demonstrating using the radius head for shaping rose petals.

I have been teaching quite a few students flowermaking lately--both privately and in public classes. It is one of those classes where absolutely everyone loves the outcome. Can't beat that!

Check out Diane's website at Hats to Di For!

Next week I'll be teaching at the Southwest School for Arts and Crafts in San Antonio, Texas. I'll be posting pictures next week. Watch for them here.


  1. It does look amazing! I have been amking attempts to learn several flower making techniques and happy to say did good, but to me the art of flowermaking is best represented by Legeron! If I could speak French, I would take a year off, go to Paris and convince Mr. Legeron to be an apprentice to him. :-)
    I am so very sorry for being absent for a while and being such a terrible Blog friend. Past few weeks were simply crazy between racing to Texas to get fabrics for upcoming collection, renovation of my house and day to day things in Atelier. It feels so wonderful to have a moment to visit my favorite Blogs and read fabulous posts just like this one. Have a very beautiful the rest of the week. :-)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments! I am somewhat familiar with Legeron. Oh, that we could go study with him! I, too, have been overwhelmed lately. I need to visit MY favorite blogs...yours certainly being one of those.