Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bridal Millinery--Birdcage Veils, Handmade Hats, etc.

I do quite a few bridal shows each year. Today was the last of the season. It was in an intimate setting with a select group of wedding professionals showing their wares--florists, dress salons, event planners, photographers, bakers, muscians, and a milliner!

Because of the lighting in my space, and because I chose a black and white color scheme, the photos have a beautiful monochromatic look which I really like. Wanted to share them with you.

Above is one of my handmade flowers, made of silk organdy and centered with AB rhinestones that sparkle like crazy. The necklaces are vintage and from the selection at my shop.

Beautiful Juliana necklace. This is a totally over-the-top necklace with AB rhinestones and crystals. Very collectible! Also very pretty on a bride...or mother-of-the-bride.

Shot of a toasty tulle headpiece spotted with pearls (L) and a huge, no, HUGE, handmade silk flower headpiece (R) with a vintage rhinestone pin as the center.

Winter wedding. Snow. Dr. Zhivago? Faux sheared beaver headband and hand muff. Both with vintage rhinestone brooches as accents. Vintage ostrich boa--full and fluffy.

Lovely beaded clutch and a white handmade silk rose. Love the shadows!
Here's to bridal season!


  1. Thank you for sharing these photos! Your displays and designs are beautiful.

  2. What kind things to say! I enjoy sharing with those who love the things I love. And thanks for reading!

  3. Love them all! I do wish more winter brides would consider a hat rather than veils falling on bare shoulders. Makes me shiver just seeing them up there!